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Agape Youth

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Task Masters
Easter Camp
Youth Shed
Combined Camp
  1. Title 1
    Title 1
Unicef Quiz Night
  1. Team 2
    Team 2
  2. Team 1
    Team 1
  3. The Host, Desmond Wong
    The Host, Desmond Wong
  4. Team 2
    Team 2
  5. Jade, Alice and Lily
    Jade, Alice and Lily
  6. Team 2
    Team 2
  1. Title 1
    Title 1
Silent Library
  1. Lemon and Lime
    Lemon and Lime
  2. Mom's Spaghetti
    Mom's Spaghetti
  3. Hot and Spicy
    Hot and Spicy
Easter Camp
  1. Speaker Helen Brereton
    Speaker Helen Brereton
  2. Icebreakers
  3. Icebreakers
  4. Water Fight
    Water Fight
Youth Baptism
  1. Post Baptism
    Post Baptism
  2. Baptism Group
    Baptism Group
About​​ Us​​
Agape Youth belongs to the Mandarin Congregation of Northcote Baptist Church, most of our members are of Chinese ethnicity and speak English as their first language.

Our goal is to provide an environment where both young Christians and non-Christians can come together and learn more about Christ while also enjoying fellowship with one another.

Our Youth Ministry Leader is Lydia Chen

Our youth leader is currently Jesse Chen

Our Team Leaders are currently Simon Weng (Media), Margaret Nie (Activities), Tian Zhong (Chinese) and Eric Lee (Worship)

Our Group Leaders are currently Mark Zhang (University), Jesse Chen and Weihong Yi (High School), Tian Zhong, Betty Qian and Lilly Peng (Chinese), Joey Wang (Worship Band A) and Wayne Lo (Worship Band B)

Our Senior Members include Tina Zhang, Helen Lee,  Rebecca Yi, Anna Xiong, Mark Zhang, Eric Lee, Simon Weng and Jesse Chen